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About Forster Gas

2012 we saw continuing growth of our business doubling gas sales since our first year, we also updated the fork lift for the loading and unloading of the BBQ cylinder cages.

In 2013 the concentration is squarely on supplying quality service with reliable and hassle free delivery. We also started radio adds, a new uniform and a more detailed logo lifting our business image and providing a more recognisable local brand.

2014 Still showing steady growth, our supplier is struggling to keep up, we have out grown our existing stock holdings and have to increase our dangerous goods license for both our 45kg cylinders and BBQ cylinders.

2015 Very worrying start for Forster gas this year. There’s a whisper Elgas is buying out our current supplier lock, stock and barrel from SA to FNQ and everything in between leaving us wondering what will happen to our business and all our clients. As it turns out the supply to us is far more frequent and reliable allowing us to service our clients without shortages and the transition has been a lot easier than expected.

2015 We’ve managed to maintain our own identity as Forster gas and our own clients. Business as usual however, Elgas has noticed how quickly and efficiently we operate and have started allocating more business our way, still growing well.

2016 We spent several months designing a new truck body to make Ian’s job even more efficient, allowing him to deliver more cylinders with less fatigue, and coupled it to an updated truck with an auto transmission. Updated logo and uniforms again this year.

2017 Back to the drawing board, this time to design a new trailer to reduce reloading trips on the further reaching deliveries through the busy times of the year. Working very well, saving a considerable amount of time and fuel while increasing customer service.

2018 This year Forster Gas received congratulations on winning the Elgas Distributor / Agent of the Year Award for 2018. This award recognises superior performance in sales, customer service, growth, safety, compliance and debtor control. We have been invited to the annual awards dinner to be held in the Endeavour Grand Ballroom at the Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach.     Well done team!