ELGAS Cylinders

LPG Cylinders

Elgas has a range of LPG cylinders available, covering all your gas needs.

45kg gas cylinders are the most common size for home use and a typical installation has two cylinders. Used in our home gas bottle exchange service, you simply contact us when one cylinder is empty, and we’ll exchange this for a full cylinder and connect it to your gas line.

More information on supply of LPG to your home can be found at

For business, Elgas can supply LPG for powering transport, commercial drying & heating, or maybe your hot water. We can supply your 15kg cylinders suitable for your forklift or larger 210kg or small tanks for bulk supply to meet larger energy demands.

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Elgas can arrange supply of a range of quality LP Gas appliances including cooktops, hot water systems, heaters and log fires. Simply go to the Elgas Appliance Store.